Norwood Queens Community Association Board Meeting Minutes. Nov 2nd 2022.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022

Attending: Barb McKinley, Carlos Obregon, Jane Chersak

Regrets: Deidre Smith, Sarah Llyod, Penny Shier, Lindsay Zubek

Meeting called to order at 7:12pm

  • Unfinished Business
    • Jane will make contact with real estate agent Michelle L about signs or a flyer to Norwood Queens residents promoting our community association and inviting new members.
  • New Business
    • As winter approaches with decreased daylight, we should continue to be vigilant regarding security in our neighbourhood. We have 3 different community awareness pathways to help each other.
      • Blockwatch – program through the RCMP
      • Nextdoor – posting information on safety
      • Norwood Queens Community Association – will advocate for safety issues
    • As well here are three things we can do to increase our safety:
      • Increase outdoor lighting
      • Don’t leave valuables visible in cars parked outside
      • If you notice suspicious behaviour, contact the police
  • Next meeting date: AGM in late March or early April
  • Neighbourhood Garage Sale in early May
  • Adjournment 7:30

Norwood Queens Community Association Board Meeting Minutes. May 18th 2022.

I Call to order
II Roll call
Attending: Carlos Oberon, Jane Chersak, Sarah Lloyd, Barb McKinley, Lindsay Zubek, Deidre Smith Baker

III Unfinished Business
• Norwood-Queens – Delbrook – Upper Lonsdale Community Garage Sale.
• Jane reported several families are prepping for the GS. She is using lime green signage. As usual, it is on Sat. May 28th from 9:00 – 1:00 and Sun. May 29th from 10:00-12:00. Free items left on the curb after noon Sunday, remove after a week.
• People should advertise on Facebook and by word of mouth.
• Barb will put up signage in Lynn Valley.

B. CONTACT WITH MICHELE LANTHIER – Lindsay and Deidre will contact Michele Lanthier, re budget.

• Carlos said traffic calming at Norwood and Windsor is coming in the summer.
• There was discussion on traffic at drop off points for Braemar. Lindsay will contact the Braemar Principal to determine the best strategy to take for closing the Calder cul de sac to school traffic, similar to Mahon
• It was felt that a one-way direction for drop off and pick up might help on Calder and Evergreen and Calder and Braemar (at the top of the paths to the south and north of the school to the WEST). How to encourage drivers to do that?

D. EVERGREEN GARDEN – Suggestion to include pics of the soil drop off on Calder by the District in our mail drop. (see attached photo showing dirt delivery) The garden has some edible items: 2 Saskatoon bushes (babies), raspberries & there are wild blackberries growing there as well.

E. GARBAGE CANS AT CARISBROOKE – Same with this initiative, include photo in the mail drop.


A. SIGNAGE – Neighbourhood sign similar to the one at the bottom of Delbrook was tabled to the next meeting.

NEXT MEETING DATE: Wednesday, September 21 at 7pm Location undecided, perhaps Zoom or at someone’s house (depends on health guidelines).

Sandringham Crescent is undergoing water main replacement in May and June.
Report Coyote sightings to the NS Black Bear Society at
Richard Grimes has withdrawn from the Board.

2022 NQCA Annual General Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 30th from 7:15 to 7:55 pm

Attending: Deidre Smith Baker, Barb McKinley, Lindsay and Adam Zubek, Carlos Obregon, Len Corben, Jane Chersak.

Regrets: Jamie Hargreaves, Richard Grimes, Jacquie Macdonald, Ally Murray.

  1. Many apologies for the failed Zoom link. To explain, we can use the NVCAN Zoom program, but twice now it has failed. We will NOT use it in the future.

2. Call to order – The meeting was called to order at 7:15. Moved Barb, seconded Carlos.

3. Retrospective – Deidre outlined initiatives taken by the NQCA.
Established in the 1970’s.
Championed various community projects, e.g. park/garden at Sandringham and Holyrood. Supported traffic calming measures on Norwood and Windsor.

4. Election of the executive
Co-chairs – Deidre Smith Baker (outgoing) and Barb McKinley (incoming)

Vice Chairperson – Lindsay Zubek

Secretary/Treasurer – Barb/Deidre

Website/Communications – Carlos Obregon

Members at large – Jane Chersak, Richard Grimes, Penny Shier

5. Unfinished business

  • Communication within our neighbourhood – Deidre is working with Michelle Lanthier, a realtor on a Maildrop to promote our community association. The result would be to create interest in the CA and increase membership.
    Some discussion of a sign for the NQ neighbourhood similar to the one at the bottom of Delbrook
  • Some traffic calming measures will be occurring as a result of Jamie Hargreaves diligent work beginning with a 9-foot sidewalk at the bottom of Norwood on Windsor.

6. New Business

  • Kudos to Jane Chersak and her volunteers, their Sunflower Club has raised $10,000 for Ukraine. She thanked Carlos for his help in spreading the word through NextDoor.
  • The removal of barriers at Calder and Evergreen has had an impact on the guerilla garden at the top of the path. The District has provided materials and neighbours are invited to participate in the garden. See Jane Chersak

7. Next General Meeting – Wed. May 18th at 7pm 40 minutes only.

8. Adjournment:
The meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm

2022 NQCA Annual General Meeting AGENDA

Wednesday, March 30th from 7 to 8pm on Zoom.

  • 1)  Call the meeting to order – Deidre
    Housekeeping – someone to take minutes of this meeting
    • Retrospective – Deidre
  • 2)  Election of the executive
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary/Treasurer
    • Website/Communications
    • Members at large
  • 3)  Old business
    a) Update on signage
    b) Update on traffic calming
  • 4)  New Business
  • 5)  Next General Meeting
  • 6)  Adjournment

NQCA Invitation to AGM

Meeting Time: Mar 30, 2022, 07:00 PM Vancouver

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 854 8263 7106
Passcode: 779926

Norwood Queens Community Association Board Meeting Minutes. Feb 16th 2022.

I Call to order
II Roll call
Attending: Barbara McKinley, Ben Elliott, Carlos Obregon, Deidre Smith, Penny Shier Regrets: Jamie Hargreaves, Jane Chersak, Jacquie MacDonald, Richard Grimes

III Business
A Annual General Meeting – 7:00PM, Wednesday March 30th
Barb will email members early March, reminder Wed, March 23rd. Carlos will post AGM on Nextdoor and NQCA website

Speed control and traffic calming

Community engagement

Beautification of park spaces

B Barricade at top of Norwood
The board felt the community could be divided on the topic. The barricade reduces traffic on Norwood but also causes problems for emergency vehicles. Our mandate states the association will be a conduit for communication within the community. Comment: The barricade could be made more easily manageable for emergency vehicles

C Mail Drop – Deidre will contact Michele RE a mail drop before the AGM

IV Next Meeting Dates
Annual General Meeting: March 30th, 7:00PM

V Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 7:40PM

Minutes submitted by: Ben Elliott Minutes approved by: Deidre Smith

Norwood Queens Community Association Board Meeting Minutes. Nov 24, 2021

I Call to order

II Roll call
Attending: Barbara McKinley, Ben Elliott, Carlos Obregon
Regrets: Jamie Hargreaves, Jane Chersak, Deidre Smith, Richard Grimes, Penny Shier

III Unfinished Business
A Community engagement – Sponsorship/business partnership: Deidre to provide an update at next meeting

IV Other Business
A Carisbrooke Park update – Successful campaign to install bear-proof garbage cans. As per Councillor Betty Forbes, all DNV parks are to be checked for appropriate receptacles. If recycling is not installed at Carisbrooke, NQCA will follow up with the district.
B Traffic Calming update – Jamie to provide an update at next meeting. Board reviewed recent correspondence from DNV.

V Next Meeting Dates
General Board Meeting: February 16th, 7:00PM

VI Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 7:36PM
Minutes submitted by: Ben Elliott Minutes approved by: Barbara McKinley

Bear proof Garbage Containers coming for Carisbrooke Park!

Great news, containers are coming!  On Oct 20, 2021, the Norwood Queens Community Association received word from the District of NV that DNV Parks is ordering bear proof garbage receptacles for installation in Carisbrooke Park to replace current barrel style containers. The Parks staff will install them soon after delivery.

How did this happen?  A Nextdoor conversation and bear encounters in Carisbrooke Park sparked our Association to send a letter to Council in September.  The NQCA also sought and received support from the North Shore Black Bear Society for which we thank them very much.

This is an example of how neighbours can support each other through community associations, societies, and technology like Nextdoor.

For more information on the NS Black Bear Society, check out their website at

Many thanks to the Carson Graham Marketing Team!

Maybe you have noticed our new look.  In June we collaborated with the very talented Carson Graham Marketing Team.  We approached them to design a new logo for our association.

The Team designed several choices based on these descriptors of our neighbourhood: trees, streams, mountains, and friendly neighbours.  They were very receptive to all our requests and made considerable efforts to get things just right.  The result you can see is a very distinctive logo that perfectly encapsulates our community.

DNV Dog License Canvas

The District of North Vancouver is canvassing homes in the Norwood Queens area without a licensed dog.  Kevin leaves information on how to register your dog. 

You can obtain a license online

or call 604 990 3712 (Animal Control) or 604 990 2488 (Finance).